Yorkshire Cities Green Jobs Research Available

August 2011

The Prospects for Green Jobs to 2020 is a major piece of research commissioned by Yorkshire Cities. 

The research provides:

  • robust evidence on the current numbers of green jobs
  • a checklist of major green assets
  • projections of job creation by 2020 in the major green and low carbon sectors of the economy
  • recommendations for policies and actions that should be pursued by councils, LEPs and other bodies to maximise the job creation potential of the green economy  

There are a suite of reports from this vital addition to our evidence base:

  • a main summary report for Yorkshire Cities members as a whole, which includes detailed policy recommendations (now available)
  • a separate executive summary (now available)
  • city region reports for the Leeds City Region - available now - and for the Humber, South Yorkshire and York & North Yorkshire LEP area (available soon)
  • individual profiles for each Yorkshire Cities member (most now available)
  • a series of further background papers (most now available)

More information is available from the Green Jobs page on this site.